A monthly mentoring membership for busy business women just like you who want to take back the control and build the business and life of their dreams.

The Business Club is THE place for you to hang out anytime to receive straight talking business support and value add trainings, so you can grow your business and achieve the results you desire and deserve!

Up level your confidence, success, planning and critical thinking. Move your business forward and develop your winning strategies knowing we’ve got your back!


⛔ This Special Offer only be available from Saturday 31st August! ⛔
Hey, I’m Linda, aka The Master Fixer and I’m thrilled to bring you this new special and very affordable membership for women in business who need support and advice to build the business and the life of their dreams. 

I know that business feels hard, and we make it harder by overthinking and getting overwhelmed. The Business Club will strip back the strategies and get under the skin of your business, working with you to give you simple and straightforward winning plans without the overwhelm.

  • You have a business and it’s just not growing the way you thought it would? 
  • ​You’re doing all the things you think you should and you’re just not sure why it’s not working? 
  • ​You feel overwhelmed by all the things you feel like you need to do and don’t know where to start? 
  •  You are working too hard IN your business and there’s just no time to work ON it. 
  • ​You need someone you can trust to bounce ideas around with? 
  • ​You want a coach or mentor but just can’t justify the investment right now? 
  • ​You feel stuck and a little lonely and you’d love a community of women just like you, who “get” you?
I am super excited about this right now because by joining right now you will be saving £40!

This my first membership opening and something I know will grow and develop in 2019. 
I am committed to continuous improvement, so we’ll tweak and develop The Business Club based on your needs and feedback.

My vision is that this will be a safe space where you learn and develop new strategies, get more clients, make more money and yes you’ll sleep better at night. We will celebrate your wins, encourage your new ventures and support you through all your ups and downs.

I Guarantee Growth, Support & Fun are my primary commitments.


✔️ Monthly Live Teach on a Key Business Topic 
 ✔️A Bi weekly Business Surgery Q&A Spotlight where you can pick my brain and get my expert Business Advice
✔️ Monthly Live Business Review & Goal Setting

 ✔️ Monthly Guest Experts
✔️ Quarterly Live Goal Setting
✔️ Annual Goal Setting Event
✔️ Book Club

✔️ Powerful resources and materials
✔️ Private Facebook Group
✔️ Membership site that hosts all the resources
✔️ Accountability partners

And so much more…. 

You will also have instant access to a private Facebook Community where you start your journey. This will be your new favourite place, a safe place you feel supported and inspired.


It’s only £14.99 a month!

If that’s not enough, you aren’t tied in at all. You can leave at anytime so if it’s not for you, you can walk away with no hard feelings!

I’m Linda and I have been running and supporting turning around businesses for over 30 years. I am professionally qualified in Business and in Coaching.
Mum to 2, bonus mum to another 3. I know what it takes to do it all!
Over the years I have coached and mentored thousands of women from CEOs to start up one woman bands!

I have held the 6 figures roles and then built several 6 figure businesses, and I am a classic overgiver and love for this type of support to be affordable. So my commitment is that The Business Club will always be affordable to every single business owner, no matter where they are on their business journey!
I have invested over £100K in my personal and business growth and I will be super stacking my knowledge, skills and expertise into this super affordable package for you to grow and develop yourself and your business.
Having a business can be lonely.

Join The Business Club you’ll never need to feel lonely again. I’ve got your back!

Who is this membership for?
This membership is for busy business owners who want affordable access to great business teachings, inspiration and accountability to help them grow their business.
It’s working out the smart, effective and efficient way to build the business and life of your dreams. It’s a safe place and you’ll feel you’re amongst friends.
It’s a a dynamic community of like minded women, hosted by someone you can run ideas by, who has experience and expertise to support your growth. Whatever the goal.
Am I tied in for a period of time?
No, which is the genius of the membership. If it isn’t for you you can leave at any time, if you ever wanted to come back though you will lose the founding member price.
When do payments go out?
The first payment will go out when you sign up then every month thereafter!
Will I have access to you 1:1?
The membership does not include 1:1 sessions with me (unless you qualified for a bonus session). It is my intention to develop discounted 1:1 time with me with exclusive Business Club affordable packages, which is only available to members.
Tell me more about the content we get?
The content will be a mix me delivering monthly teachings supported by worksheets walking you through winning business strategies. There will be Bi Weekly Business Surgery Q&A when you'll have the opportunity to hot seat your business challenges, so we can mastermind your business. You can also bounce your ideas around, pick my brains and spotlight your business challenges.
There will be brilliant monthly experts I have some lined up already and will arrange who you need. 
All this great content will all be stored in a dedicated membership area - think of it like a business library for you to refer to whenever you need. 
What if I miss the live calls?
Don’t worry! It will all be recorded so you can catch up!
Can I get a refund? 
You can cancel at any time but due to the very low and affordable price there are no refunds on the Annual Membership. 
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